Artie's new bed

This week we decided the time had come to say goodbye to Arthur's cot and introduce him to his first bed.

Arthur was delighted to be 'daddy's little helper' and helped dismantle his cot.... I'm not sure Daddy was quite so delighted with his eager apprentice but an hour or three later the job was complete :)


Arthur couldn't wait to jump in and try out his new 'big boy' bed. In true toddler mode he quickly decided that nobody else could come near it - particularly not Billy!!


He spent that afternoon saying 'let's go and see my new bed' and we all had to follow him upstairs to admire it whilst he pretended to go to sleep.

(Although secretly I was quite pleased with his new nautical covers... note the seaside themed decor creeping in to the house!) 

That evening we shared bedtime stories all about going to bed - our favourites were 'One ted falls out of bed' by Julia Donaldson and 'Maisy goes to bed' by Lucy Cousins.

A few minutes later my little man was out for the count looking every bit the big brother all cosy and snug under his duvet.

And did we all get a full nights kip? ..........Almost, but even after all the excitement of his new bed Arthur still wanted to 'go downstairs to see the trains!' At 5am!!! Grrrr!!