This is how we roll....


Being a Mummy of two opens up a whole new can of worms ... how the heck do you get them both out of the house?  

For the past 7 months I have been trying to work this one out ... one sling, one backpack and 2 double buggies later I have discovered the amazing buggyboard! Hallelujah!! There is a solution! 

When Bill was very tiny it was much easier to whack the sling on and take Artie in a single buggy (he was still quite little himself!). But before I knew it Billy was getting much heavier and that meant more aches and pains for me.

All three of us love the Buggyboard. 

Billy loves it because he can see his big bro... reach out for his snacks and smile at him. 

Arthur loves it because he can tickle Billy's feet and can sometimes hop on and off (with reins on!) 

Mummy loves it because we can travel around town in a relatively calm manner... hey some people may think I even know what I am doing with this Mummy lark! 

Three cheers for the Buggy Board!!!

(Ours is a Lascal Maxi ... incase you need one!)