Moving with toddlers

I have been trying to prepare Arthur for our big move as I know it is going to be a massive change for him.  I am hoping Billy is young enough not to notice a huge change (fingers crossed!).  I've been doing a bit of reading on ways to make the transition to the new house as smooth as possible for the boys , one alarming article I read suggested ...... 

'To toddlers, moving is akin to having their entire world taken apart, which literally is what's happening.'

(Henderson-Shimm, )

Eeek! Scary stuff indeed!

As Arthur loves his books I have used that as a starting point to introduce the whole idea.  

I found a lovely, simple story to share with him called 'Katie Moves House' by Liesbet Slegers.




I would definitely recommend it to fellow movers to share with their children. It is perfectly pitched to read with toddlers. It tells the story of a move from Katie's perspective. It covers all of the main features of moving from packing, loading the van, unpacking (What a joy!) to meeting new neighbours. The illustrations are bold and colourful and Arthur loves to talk about what is going on in each picture. This has been a great 'way in ' for me to relate Katie's move to our own move. We have had lots of chats about how we also have a big tower of boxes in our house and how Arthur will have a new bedroom too, just like Katie.


Another book we have looked at is 'Moving House'  from the Usborne First Experiences range. 


It is slightly more wordy then Katie Moves House and so better suited to three or four year olds. It tells the story of the Spark family moving house.The illustrations are great and give lots of opportunities to discuss the events of moving house.

Personally I am looking forward to the final part of the move when everybody gets to go to bed! 


Have you moved house with a toddler? How did you prepare them for the big move?