Siblings: August

Our boys get on so much better when on adventures in the great outdoors. At home they squabble and bicker over the same toys and are much more territorial. Being a mother to two boys has taught me patience I never knew I possessed!

Once we get them out in the open (after toilet trips/nappy changes/finding the keys/more nappy changes etc!) they are like changed boys. Suddenly, they no longer have a care in the world, chasing, hiding, laughing and it is a joy to see.

Here's hoping for a warm, sunny September and more of the same :)


dear beautiful

Frozen Play

Thanks to one of my best friends in Bath we discovered the magic of 'Frozen' on our recent sleepover (4 adults, 4 kids - how brave are we?!)  It is the only film that Arthur will sit glued to for more than 20 mins... result! That's provided that a few cinema snacks and free milk refills  are thrown in!

Coupled with the heatwave we have been enjoying in Cornwall we embarked upon some 'Frozen play'

(a bit of a tenuous link but it did involve exploring a block of ice after watching Frozen all morning!)

Arthur helped me to arrange shells (a range of shapes, sizes, textures and his chosen sea creatures) in a tub, we filled it with water and popped it in the freezer. He was intrigued to find it had turned in to  block of ice a few hours later.

After a quick trip to the park we came back to check on our ice. Both boys loved sliding their hands over the ice, Bill added an extra sensory element and enjoyed feeling the ice with his feet too exclaiming 'very, very cold' - I think his weakness for proper Cornish ice cream has really helped him understand the difference between hot and cold!

Arthur was very quick to notice that the sea creatures were 'trapped inside' so rather than exploring the ice as it melted, the activity turned in to a spot of problem solving. 'Don't worry' he told the crab 'we'll get you out' . After watching the ice being sliced and chopped in 'Frozen' (I knew there was educational value!) Arthur had an idea 'Daddy, can you pass me my knife?' he requested. Once armed with his tool he began attempting to free the creatures by cutting in to the ice. Soon we went in search of hammers to and I showed him how to chip away at the ice using the hammer and screw driver. As we hammered away at the ice he burst in to a few rounds of the 'Bob the Builder' theme tune :)

Daddy suggested pouring some warm water on our ice to speed up the melting process. As the ice melted the boys were able to feel the different textures exposed and Arthur enjoyed exploring the imprints left by the creatures and shells he had 'freed'.

Exploring the ice kept Arthur engaged for much longer than I'd anticipated and for the rest of the week he has been asking to 'get the ice out again'  so it was definitely a hit!

Check out our previous ice play post for more ideas.



Me and Mine: Family Portrait Project: July

This months Me and Mine was taken on Arthur's 3rd birthday. We took a boat trip over to sunny St Mawes for a special birthday adventure :)

Mummy Loves...

* Cornish Summers

* Celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary :)

* Frozen (The boys love it and will actually sit for more than 10 mins watching it... hooray!!!)


Daddy Loves....

* Football training (apparently getting back to full fitness!!)

* Seeing a real helicopter rescue on the beach!

* Bedtime chats with Arthur


Arthur Loves....

* Walking the plank!

* Gruffalo Birthday cake

* Frozen


Billy Loves.......

* Treasure Hunts

* Gruffalo Cake

* Spotting unexpected aeroplanes /helicopters

dear beautiful

Birthday Adventures

This month has been jam- packed with kiddie birthdays so we have embraced the party spirit and spent some beautiful sunny afternoons mingling with pirates, princesses and a few fairies along the way - As you can imagine I have been in my element!!

This week was extra special as it was Arthur's 3rd birthday and we celebrated by going on an adventure across the high seas! 

After a night spent comforting a teething Bill we armed ourselves with some strong coffee and a few blasts of sea air later we were good to go! Both boys were beside themselves with excitement on the boat ride, Arthur was busy spotting pirates, lighthouses and castles and Billy was a complete liability, trying to step off the boat straight in to the sea!

After a few hours of sunshine, rock-pooling and a birthday lunch it was time to head back home for another round of present opening and a slice of Gruffalo cake :) We find a piece of cake provides the perfect ending to an adventure!

and as for the best cake face...... you decide?