The Glamp Site

I was beyond excited as I drove to the 'Glamp site' for the first time. I booked with a fantastic family run company called Posh Pitches who were so professional and accommodating. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who fancies a Cornish Glamping break.

I assure you that the Cornish drizzle rumour is absolute nonsense, the sun always shines down these parts!

The tents came complete with bunting, a woodburner and the pièce de résistance ........a chandelier in the bride to be's tent!! There was also two fully stocked kitchen tents for all you practical Mums out there!!

Then all that was left to do was a few finishing touches and it was a home from home :)

It was the perfect send off for a very special Bride to be.... not quite the spa day she was hoping for but pretty magical all the same :)

So we wrapped up warm, toasted marshmallows (yes.... we actually managed to get a bbq going!) and munched on delicious bear cupcakes whipped up by the very talented Cupcakemama.

The bears were a huge hit with the Glampers , we loved that each one was sporting a unique haircut. Check out the one with the quiff!

After a nightcap of hot chocolate it was time to get our beauty sleep, I'd like to say we all slept like babies ....but my advice to any spring campers..... it's cold, very cold..... a hot water bottle will be your best friend, you will need socks, lots of socks and does it really go against camping etiquette to bring a heater?

But we survived the night!  Perhaps a little less glam than we imagined ....think more Wayne's World than Kate Moss!

After a heavenly hot shower and a strong coffee we were ready to unveil a few more surprises on our unsuspecting hen.......


A Glamping we will go....

The past few weeks ...... well actually the past year!! I have been having the most amazing time arranging a very special, surprise hen do for my little sister.  It has been so much fun to plan and secretly scheme away with my fellow bridesmaids. Finally last weekend all was revealed to the unsuspecting hen who thought we were off on a spa day...... not quite my dear!

We were roughing it, sleeping out under the stars, getting back to nature.....

if nature includes a hairdrier, straighteners and a kettle?

We were off Glamping!

My sisters main passions... are Cath Kidson... I think she owns most of their stock, Dirty Dancing (me too I'm afraid!) and generally all things vintage so with this in mind I set to arranging a hen do to remember. In my next few posts I will share some of the highlights!

It all started with a surprise.... the bride to be was given a ridiculous packing list which covered most activities... snorkel, evening dress, flip flops, etc and then picked up and driven around on a bit of a magical mystery tour. Once she was itching to know the plan she was presented with her essential 'glamping' bag

Lovingly handcrafted by the lovely Penny @ Cotton Cottage who will create customised goodies for you.

Lovingly handcrafted by the lovely Penny @ Cotton Cottage who will create customised goodies for you.

Inside were a sleep mask, some hot choc (very useful as I'm sure we camped in sub-zero temperatures!) a torch, and a very pretty mug.... first rule of glamping must look the part!

Oh and a glamping t.shirt of course!

Once she arrived at the 'Glamp Site' all her ladies were there (huddled round the woodburner!) with bubbles and cake and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack .... how cool are we?!. Let the celebrating commence!!!

Wishing you all a very sunny bank holiday! It is a stunning day down here in Cornwall and so we will be donning our sun hats and heading on down to the beach :)


This morning I took Arthur along to one of our toddler groups where one very creative Mummy had set up this giant Easter Egg hunt for our little ones .

They looked fantastic hanging from the trees, Arthur kept wanting to be picked up so that he could touch them :)

My favourite is the giant dino egg :)

Such a fun idea, I had to share it with you all... although I am reliably informed that many hours were spent layering up the papier mache!


(Thank you Jess @ The Pop Up Baby & Toddler Cafe (check out their fbook page for  lots of lovely creative ideas for your little people and if your Cornish pop along too, always a lovely morning to be had!)

After a busy morning of egg hunting it was time to put our feet up.....

I hope you are all managing to get out there and enjoy some Easter fun in the sun too:)

Glow in the dark eggs

I was inspired to try this by Learn,Play,Imagine blog

I was inspired to try this by Learn,Play,Imagine blog

Lately Billy has been obsessed with stars, he spots them on his trousers/Arthur's groclock/in his stories. However small they may be he points them out to us 'tar' he calls whilst making a star with his hands. So I knew this sensory play idea would be perfect for him.

I found some amazing submersible lights. 

Note - these are perfectly safe for underwater use... do not use ordinary lights... very dangerous!!!

I popped them inside some fillable eggs, added water, water beads and some shiny star sequins and hid them in a dark place (our airing cupboard!!)

They were a huge hit. Bill loved catching the eggs and shaking them.  I put some of the star sequins inside the eggs which made fabulous shadows. Bill's favourite way to explore the tray was to catch and pinch the waterbeads so that he could ping them across the room! He got absolutely soaked whilst playing with the tray and was so angry when I took him away from the tray!

Later I showed Arthur the surprise too. He decided that a magic duck had laid them and went off looking for it! He then insisted on taking all the eggs in the bath with him. In no time he had opened them all and spread the lights around the bath. The lights look very effective underneath all the bubbles!

They would be brilliant for a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt if you fancy something a little bit different!

Let us know if you have been up to any exciting Easter activities, as always we'd love to give them a go!