Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project:November

Three out of four of us are awake in November's Me and Mine!  .... Poor Arthur was overcome with excitement after his first trip to The Big Smoke!

November has been full of family time, bonfires, fireworks, cosy days in and was topped off by a whistle stop tour of the sights of London :) Good times!!


Mummy Loves....

* Seeing two very excited boys in London (priceless)

*Getting a lie in at Nanna and Grandad's (also priceless!)

*Visiting Borough Market and sampling the coffee


Daddy Loves......

* The Poppy Exhibition

* Hearing about the soldiers stories

* Listening to Nanna & Grandad with the boys


Arthur Loves.....

*Catching the train to London!

*Being at Nanna and Grandad's house

*Seeing Big Ben

*Pedaling on his go-kart (Thanks Grandad!)


Billy Loves .....

* Watching fireworks ..... the louder the better!

* Bacon and banana - a magical combo!

*Building bonfires


dear beautiful

Poppy art

Last week we ventured on the boys first trip to London. Getting across London with two little people is no mean feat! But one train-ride, a few escalators, a short tube, a coffee break, a brisk walk and a boat ride later and we had reached our destination.... The Tower of London!

We managed to catch a quick glimpse of the beautiful poppy exhibition  'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' before it was time to do the whole journey in reverse!

It was quite a sobering thought to see the vast expanse of poppies, each representing a life lost through service during WW1.


Once back home I showed Arthur photos of the exhibition . Our pictures were a great starting point for a very simple discussion about Remembrance Day. As the boys get a bit older I 'll tell them all about the brave men and women who have served their country in our family.

*Their Great Grandad the Army Medic, 

*Their Great Grandma who helped build the tanks (love that one!) 

Their Great, Great Uncle Arthur who won honours for his bravery as a Navy gunner.


I am sure once we get talking to the family there will be many more stories to pass on too.

But for now we settled for creating our own poppies.......

* If you fancy trying any poppy art, we used coffee filter paper/ red food dye and sprinkled poppy seeds :) 






Siblings: October

This month there were so many photos I could have chosen to link in with 'Siblings' which is a testament to how close the boys are becoming. I love this one because it shows how comfortable and familiar the boys are with each other, snuggling close for a bedtime story - sharing a moment that they have created.

The awkwardness of posed photos has been replaced with a brotherly bond. Billy is no longer an imposter but a partner in crime, a friend and a comfort to Arthur.

Arthur no longer sees Bill as a baby and proudly talks about his 'brother' and his plans for them. He has even begun to think ahead to the future and told me.....

'When me and Billy grow up, we will be men and then we will have big heads!'

I couldn't put it better myself!

dear beautiful

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project: October

I'm a little late linking in with October's Me and Mine but here goes....

Our family selfie was taken at the very end of the month when I realised I'd forgotten to snap the four of us together!

Here's what we have all been up to .......


Mummy Loves....

* Sharing chips on the pier with the boys

* TWO nights away with the girls for a very spooky Halloween Hen

* Extreme hot-tubbing (very windswept hen do treat)

*Visiting inspiring nurseries


Daddy Loves....

* Wintery rock-pooling with Arthur

* Perfecting the perfect fire for the woodburner (lots of Youtube research going on!)

* A surprise visit from Nanna and Grandad :)

Arthur loves....

*Flying on his broomstick

*Play-dates with his nursery friends

* Visiting a real lighthouse!

Billy Loves...

* Drinking hot chocolate in the woods

*Jumping in muddy puddles

*His raccoon hat!

dear beautiful

We love jumping in Muddy Puddles!

I am sitting
In the middle
Of a rather
Muddy puddle,
With my bottom
Full of bubbles
and my rubbers
Full of Mud.

While my jacket
And my sweater
Go on slowly
Getting wetter
As I very
Slowly settle
To the Bottom
Of the Mud.

And I find that
What a person
With a puddle
Round his middle
thinks of mostly
In the muddle
Is the Muddiness of Mud

Poet: Dennis Lee


Here's what Artie and Bill were thinking!

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