We love jumping in Muddy Puddles!

I am sitting
In the middle
Of a rather
Muddy puddle,
With my bottom
Full of bubbles
and my rubbers
Full of Mud.

While my jacket
And my sweater
Go on slowly
Getting wetter
As I very
Slowly settle
To the Bottom
Of the Mud.

And I find that
What a person
With a puddle
Round his middle
thinks of mostly
In the muddle
Is the Muddiness of Mud

Poet: Dennis Lee


Here's what Artie and Bill were thinking!

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Siblings: September



Bill is an adventurer

His eye always firmly on Arthur

Clocking his next move

Mirroring all that he has seen

He runs that little bit faster

Climbs that little bit higher

to reach him and hatch their next plan.

Having a big brother makes him brave

Always ready for the next challenge!





dear beautiful

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project: September

Wow! September has flown by! We were spoilt for sunshine and beach days this summer but I have to admit to being ready for the change in season. I love everything about the Autumn.... woodland walks, new boots!, cosy nights in ....... crumble!!!  Here's what everyone else has been loving this month....

Mummy Loves....

*Celebrating my niece's first birthday

*Crumble making

* Downton Abby

*Booking Christmas 'Winter Wonderland' Center Parcs (Oh yes!!)

Daddy Loves......

* The woodburner

* Jamming with the boys (translated - playing the guitar whilst being jumped on by Art & Bill)

* The boys coming to watch him play footie :)

Artie Loves..........

*Windy Autumn Days - particularly when his hat gets blown off :)

*Swimming with Grandma (Thanks Mum!)

* Creating long ramps and tracks with Daddy.... must be a man thing!

Billy Loves......

*Blackberry picking (& eating!)

* Singing in the car

* Being thrown around by Daddy

* Playing with Tilly (Billy & Tilly.... it's too much..... can you imagine if they get married?!! )

dear beautiful

Mmmmm Crumble!

Billy loves berries ... strawberries, blueberries, raspberries... they make perfect finger food for a growing boy!

Last weekend I took the boys blackberry picking. Bill was delighted to discover a woodland full of free snacks he could pick himself.....


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We didn't go home with quite the blackberry crop I 'd hoped for, Billy couldn't get his head around collecting the berries, each one had to be eaten there and then or an almighty tantrum would follow!

So after a quick trip to Sainsburys we grabbed a few more punnets .... mixed them with our ten carefully hand-picked ones and got down to business.... crumble making!

Arthur was a very willing helper.... Bill had to be kept at a safe distance away from our ingredients - he is an eating machine!

He did reap the benefits of a hard morning fruit picking.....

Happy Weekend All!