Frame it!




If like us you are beginning to venture out on some Autumn walks this activity is a nice way to use any collections your children have made :)

Arthur and Bill can't come home without picking up a stick/shell/stone to take home with them.

I laid out our finds and added in an old frame and a few plastic bugs.....

We created a few pictures together and then he was off..... the pine cones became 'owl babies' sitting on their branch. He carefully arranged the flowers as 'apples' on the trees and we had to go out in the garden to collect more 'lilypads' for the frogs to sit on.

The next morning he asked for 'the green picture again' and explored the whole collection afresh, we added in crayons too so he could add his own marks to his pictures too. Bill loved this part, he is in to crayoningin a big way... on the table, the floor, Mummy's work diary, the sofa... you name it - Bill's drawn on it :)


Take a look at our 'What's in the hay tray?' post from last year for more Autumnal ideas (Check out Bill's fluffy hair!)






Nothing like a brisk stroll on the beach!

The boys have shared their first Cornish summer together and are now seasoned beach babies. Everything we own seems to filled with a sprinkling of sand!

They have been on countless adventures - strawberry picking, air shows, exploring Tall Ships! They are now showing all the signs of becoming real friends.

Both boys have begun to invite each other to play and have created games made for two - their favourite being circuits round the house on their trikes! I have numerous bumps/scrapes on my ankles where I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time e.g cooking dinner in the kitchen!  Billy initiates this and will take Arthur's bike to him asking 'go on bike?' .

As Bill is picking up new words each day Arthur is taking him more seriously as a play mate. He tells us 'Billy is a funny man'. Bill seems to have an endless repertoire of silly faces to get a laugh out of Arthur at dinnertime....

Bill on the other hand is in awe of Arthur, carefully observing his every move. He is quickly learning new skills from his big brother.... the art of building a tower/ drinking milk from a cup/singing nursery rhymes. He is fearless as he doesn't want to miss out on being part of Arthur's world.. an exclusive club!

dear beautiful

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project:August

Mummy loves...

* Our new house

* Fondue nights .... brilliant fun! what's not to love about gooey cheese and chocolate!   Mmmm!

* Bake off :)

Daddy Loves....

* Watching an amazing Red arrows display over the bay

* Long lost family ( a lot of tears have been shed!)

* Catching up with old friends

Arthur Loves......

* Spotting real Pirate Ships ( Tallships Festival)

* His new Pirate Ship bed

* Scooting down the garden at full pelt!

* Watching family members do the ice bucket challenge... particularly Grandads vid :)


Billy loves.....

* His superhero cape

* Singing songs from Frozen 'Let it go! let it go!'

* Strawberry picking & eating!

* Red Arrows 'arrows'

dear beautiful

Pirates and Princesses

A few weeks ago we received an invitation we couldn't refuse - an invite to a very special little girls 3rd birthday party.  Arth and M were born the same week and I met M's Mummy at our NCT class - as cliched as it sounds we are now the best of friends. We got each other through those tough early days of being first time Mummies struggling with feeding/ sleep/getting out the house/ sleep!!. M and her Mummy lived just around the corner which meant we would often meet up for an end of day cuppa around the dreaded melt down-  o'clock! Absolute life saver!!


Arth and M have also grown a special bond - and even though we are now miles away in Cornwall we have managed to meet up a fair bit and continue our exciting adventures which now include sleepovers!!! This has led to us discovering their more mischievous side - one morning we woke up early, only to hear giggling in our living room, there we found two chocolate- covered toddlers scoffing a box of milk tray!

The theme of M's birthday was 'Pirates and Princesses' - ideal for us as we have managed to acquire a large collection of all things pirate themed since our Cornish move. The birthday girl opted for the princess option and even wore a 'vintage' gown....(her Mum's old bridesmaid dress .... does the 80's count as vintage?)

The boys got stuck in and by the end of  an action packed afternoon they had walked the plank, created crowns, picked up a few pirate tattoos and even met a 'real' pirate (M's very sporting uncle made a hillarious guest appearance and got all the little pirates and princesses worked up a treat before leading them off on a treasure hunt!)

Just as the boys were about to crash from all the excitement it was time to sing Happy Birthday to M and enjoy a slice of the fairytale birthday cake lovingly baked by M's talented Grandma . She also managed to whip up these fun pirate cupcakes and cake pop favours for each little party guest.... super Gran!

(Check out 'The Comfort Kitchen' on facebook for more of her inspiring bakes!)


We had a fantastic time at M's party - Arthur kept demanding to see pictures of the cake again!!

The birthday girl was blown away by it all and thoroughly enjoyed being in the limelight for the day!  I believe she was tucked up in bed very early that night after a little too much fun :)

The Princess and Pirates theme was a massive hit too - def one I will be nabbing for one of the boys future birthdays.

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