Arthur in Neverland

Anyone stuck for a party theme this summer? Why not take a leaf out of this creative Mummy's book and turn your garden in to your very own piece of Neverland?!! A touch of magic guaranteed for all your guests!

Take a look at the pics below for lots of Peter Pan inspired party ideas.... It is such a great theme for fancy dress, fairies, pirates, Peter Pan himself, Captain Hook?

Arthur's face beamed as he explored 'Neverland' . He took a stroll down to The Mermaid's lagoon to listen to the stream and check for crocodiles (of course!) How magical to have a stream running through the bottom of your garden?

He sunbathed lazily  in the 'Lost boys camp' and played pass the parcel in Tink's Fairy House :)

All the party guests were treated with beautiful handmade maps to help them find the hidden pirates treasure..... (It was a very talented household!! Talk about upping the ante for future parties!!)

The eager pirates/fairies etc  were rewarded for their treasure hunting skills with their own miniature chests full of chocolate coins. The sugar burst fueled their energy for more adventurous pursuits such as walking the plank, feeding the crocs or having a bash at splitting open the pinata (very popular with the pirates and their swords!)

Arthur wasn't keen on leaving 'Neverland' - but I managed to bribe him with a slice of Pirate Ship cake (made by the Birthday girl's Grandad, ahhh :) and a Peter Pan goody bag....

It was such a magical afternoon, the children (and adults) were blown away by all the creative touches and it was so wonderful to see the children's imaginations well and truly captured.

We hope you have been enjoying lots of summer parties too?  What is your favourite party theme?


This months Siblings picture was taken on our journey up to Center Parcs for my Dad's 60th celebrations. I was giving the boys a bit of a chance to stretch their legs and let off some steam (something we usually need to fit in most days!).

This picture makes me smile as it shows how much Bill looks up to his big brother. He really is his shadow and longs to be just like him. Arthur is the first person Bill asks for when he wakes up 'See Aruh!' he demands and he always shrieks with delight when he spots him as if they have been parted for weeks rather than just one night!

Arthur is slowly beginning to see Bill as a potential playmate and loves playing chasing games with him -  until Bill forgets the game and wanders off in the opposite direction :) Arth has started to initiate games with Bill too and will now go and fetch his scooter and Bill's Scuttlebug so that they can race - or collect their milk together - very cute! you can see from this month's snap if nothing else they both have a shared love of hats to bond over!

dear beautiful

No mess ... markmaking :)

Here's just a quick idea for some no-mess mark-making for any pre-schoolers. I came across this idea  whilst brainstorming exciting ways to practice name writing with my class. Just fill up a zippy bag with ready-made paint,  zip it up and away you go! The cotton buds are a great way of getting children to build up their fine motor muscles too, encouraging the control and pressure required for writing. I've found children love to use their fingers too when creating their marks which adds a lovely sensory element to the activity.

For pre-schoolers like Arthur, the pouches are a fun way of practising drawing different types of lines (wiggly, pointy, straight, curvy etc) and forming circles. A3 pouches would work best for toddlers to create their masterpieces!


Even little Bill enjoyed a good prod and squeeze of the pouches and was delighted to see his finger/hand prints appear/disappear in the paint!

Last tip: They are very easy to open - so keep a close eye if you don't want paint splattered across your beautiful home!!

As always please share any mark-making/messy play  you have had at home, we are always up for trying something new :)



Me and Mine: June: A Family Portrait Project

I'm running very late with June's Me and Mine, June was an action packed month for us, lots of travelling and socialising! Our pic was taken at Center Parcs where we were celebrating my Dad's 60th birthday with all the family. Although getting everyone to look at the camara has beaten us this month!!

Here's what we have all been loving.....

Mummy Loves:

* Early morning beach trips

* Slowing down a little & spending more time with my little men :)

* Bike rides at Center Parcs ( not including the hills!)

Daddy Loves:

* Black coffee (after a trip to Brazil)

*Early evening trips to the park with the boys

* BBQ's

Artie Loves:

* Riding his balance bike ....anywhere and everywhere!

* Seeing his best buddy from Bath

* Center Parcs!

Billy Loves:

* Posting things... mainly Mummy's keys, purse, the tv controller!!!

* Asking where things are 'Where Mummy/Daddy/Nanna/Grandad etc

*Center Parcs!

dear beautiful